Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in KUWAIT. Official religious celebrations are held in this mosque only. Located in Kuwait City which is the heart of the city. Locals refer to this mosque as ‘Al-Masjid Al-Kabir’. Grand Mosque is popular for its prayer arrangement during the last  10 days of  Ramadan.

Thousands of  Muslims gather during the last days of Ramadan. Sheikh Meshary bin Rashid Alafasy is the imaam of Grand Mosque  [al-masjid-al-kabir]


Kuwait towers are the most important landmark on the Gulf road in KUWAIT. They stand by the seashore in the Sharq district where they offer spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf and Kuwait’s capital city. These are a group of three thin towers in Kuwait city.

The Kuwaiti towers serve as water reservoirs. These are also called liberation towers as it was made after the removal of the Iraqis from Kuwait. The Kuwait tower was officially inaugurated in March 1979.


Kuwait zoo is located in Farwaniya, KUWAIT. The total area of the zoo is around 180000 m2 in area. It’s divided into 4 main areas including the animal section, cultural center, service and maintenance sector, life science division, and veterinary clinic.

The zoo is a very entertaining place and it is often visited by families. It contains 1606 rare animals and birds divided into five units, with every unit containing 12 species, adapted to the cage environment.

Most of the guests are packed around the popular areas like the lion and bear enclosures, and the chimpanzee, monkey and deer areas. Visitors will certainly be awestruck by the gargantuan vultures that occupy the huge aviary cages and also the reptile holdouts.

The zoo plays a huge role in raising awareness and educating children on how to preserve animals and plants, and contribute towards a greener environment.


Mirror house is the only house in the world entirely